Active Approach

Building a business always involves risk.  It’s a complex, challenging process that demands vision and daring.  At XPV, our goal is to identify and secure key deliverables that will help you achieve your overall business objectives.  Whether you’re securing additional capital, engaging new key customers, driving growth with an acquisition, or seeking a strategic sale, we’ll get you where you want to go.

We help portfolio companies:

  • Develop and execute strategic customer and partner relationships
  • Recruit highly-skilled advisors, board members, and teams
  • Fundraise additional capital or complete M&A transactions 
  • Execute interim management roles 
  • Implement simple yet effective processes, tools, and business systems

Our value to your business extends well beyond capital.  When you work with XPV, you’ll team up with some of the most experienced emerging company investment professionals in the industry.  You’ll also gain direct access to our extensive network of business executives, analysts, investors, and industry leaders.  By drawing on this powerful network, you can forge strategic partnerships, open new markets, and build a stronger customer base.

If you’re faced with challenging financial, strategic, or management issues, you can rely on us for knowledgeable and objective guidance.  Together, we’ll build the right investment partnership to support your business now – and in the future.