Martin County Utilities Implements Class A/EQ Neutralizer® Systems and Saves $600,000 in Year 1

BCR Environmental’s Neutralizer® Installations will Lower Operating Costs by 50%, Eliminate the Need for Capital Improvements, Reduce Energy Consumption, and Reduce Regulatory Compliance Risk

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – September 9, 2013 – BCR Environmental announced today that the company will install Neutralizer® systems at Martin County’s Tropical Farms and North County wastewater treatment plants as part of a guaranteed Performance Contract.

The Neutralizer® systems will reduce energy consumption by 90% (1,800 MW/yr), reduce operating costs by $600,000 in the first year of operation (average of $920,000 annually over the next 15 years), eliminate odor, upgrade the County’s regulatory compliance from Class B to Class A standards, reduce sludge volume and produce a high-quality beneficial reuse product to improve nutrient loading in the environmentally sensitive Okeechobee River Basin.

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