Montreal loses 40% of its Treated Water to Leaks

Hubert Demard, spokesperson for Réseau Environnement, highlights the dire situation of Quebec’s municipal water management system, saying “Quebec has at least 25,000 kilometres of water distribution networks and just as many sewage networks. And while their state of disrepair is no secret, nor is the solution: the networks must be properly maintained and renovated. Ten years ago, North America adopted a network renovation program that called for upgrading 0.5 percent to 1 percent of the networks annually. In Quebec, only a few cities achieve or surpass the 0.5 percent annual renewal rate. We’re leaving our children a dilapidated network that loses a high volume of treated water. Based on its own data, Montreal loses upwards of 40% of its water.”

“All these factors result in an overproduction of drinking water [40 percent more than Ontario per capita] and excessive volumes of treated sewage effluent [60 percent more than Ontario], all of which have environmental and significant economic consequences. We must implement large-scale, long-term programs.”

Source: Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal