Nitrate posing an ever growing threat to California’s drinking water supply

A study commissioned by the California State Water Resources Control Board and conducted by University of California – Davis researchers highlights the growing complexity of dealing with nitrate pollution in groundwater, largely caused by agricultural runoff.  The authors focused on the southern San Joaquin and Salinas valleys where nearly all of the 2.65 million residents rely on groundwater and where municipalities have had to shut down wells due to nitrate contamination, thus compounding the water scarcity problem plaguing the region.  More information about this study can be found here.

XPV portfolio company APTwater is well positioned to address this issue with its patented ARoNite technology.  XPV believes that while nitrate contamination of groundwater has proven to be a major problem for California, rehabilitating decommissioned wells by treating the contaminated water with next generation technologies such as ARoNite is also one of the most cost-effective ways of addressing the state’s water scarcity issues.  Treating the water locally where it is needed greatly reduces transportation infrastructure requirements as well as operating costs.  We believe that this is a tremendous example of where water reuse, decentralized treatment, and infrastructure renewal meet to solve a pressing problem.

Source: LA Times