Saudia Arabia Announces Over 4000% Increase in Water Rates

In an effort to combat water misuse and curb rising demand for water, the Saudi Arabian Water and Electricity Minister, Abdullah Al-Hussayen has announced an increase in water rates to $1.67 Canadian (CAD) per cubic metre. Current water rates average at $0.04 CAD per cubic metre. While the new charges will exempt low-income customers, some building owners are predicting a rise in their monthly water bills of over $162 CAD, from approximately $4.00 to $166.70.

Al-Hussayen also announced a government plan to open a new desalination plant on the Red Sea to supply the cities of Jeddah, Makkah, and Taif with more reliable sources of water. The changes come into effect as the government tries to avoid the problems faced in Asir province in 2008.

Source: Arab News